Men’s hunting boots – the core of a great hunt

The Best hunting and hiking boots for men and women

You’ll be amazed what you can learn about boots on this site. We cover materials, care, waterproofing, drying and even which socks to wear.

Our top 10 boots picked for ruggedness, top quality, best materials, highest user ratings, longevity and ease of maintenance.


Let’s  look at top hiking boots   (more selections here)

                    Lowa                                Danner                          Kenetrek                              Meindl


Now we’ll look at a few top hunting boots

           Lowa                            Danner                       Kenetrek                         Meindl


Look at this! We have a great selection of the top RUNNING SHOES too.


Top men’s running shoes

          Mizuno                          Adidas                           Nike                                          Onemix



Top women’s running shoes. Great color choices.

                 Mizuno                             Nike                        Adidas                        Nike

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If you are interested in just hunting boots, check out the questions below to help you decide what style of boots you need!


1. Hunting boots:  What’s the best pair for me?

We have taken the frustration out of deciding which boots are the great ones. They are all listed in the menu individually by brand. You will enjoy the choices.

2. What are you going to hunt?

Do you hunt waterfowl, upland birds, deer, elk, bear and are you in snake country?

3. A few more questions to ask yourself.

You want hunting or hiking boots that are comfortable first and foremost.

  • What’s the break-in duration?
  • Are they waterproof?
  • Are they insulated?
  • Should I get 6 inch tops, 8 inch tops or 10 inch tops?
  • Do they provide great ankle support?
  • Can they be rebuilt down the road?
  • Are they easy to remove?

4. How about the sole?

Some boots have semi-traction soles for more quiet walking on dry sticks and brush. Some boots are made with amazing traction. You can also get sole silencers that slip on over your boots soles for quiet walking. Where are you going to hunt or hike? That will indicate which traction sole to choose.

5. The boots: Leather? Rubber? Denier Nylon?  All 3?

Then there is a choice of rubber lowers with leather uppers or all leather uppers and lowers. Then, some manufacturers use a heavy Denier Nylon for the upper, reinforced with leather.

6. How about weather conditions?

Weather conditions will dictate if you need two pairs. One pair for the dry time of the year (no insulation) and one pair for the more harsh weather in fall & winter (insulated).

7. Cost is also a factor. What can I afford? There are a ton of options.

You want the best boots for the dollars spent. So, you find the price range you’re comfortable with, then you decide, keeping in mind the above criteria.

I hope dansqualityboots have helped you find your favorite boots or shoes. There is a large amount of information if you can take the time to read the many posts. New posts will be added weekly. Thank you for looking.


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